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Medical Repair Emulsion - Wholesale
Medical Repair Emulsion - Wholesale
Medical Repair Emulsion - Wholesale
Medical Repair Emulsion - Wholesale
Medical Repair Emulsion - Wholesale

Medical Repair Emulsion - Wholesale


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Feature and Benifits

  • LuxMD Medical Repair Emulsion works by providing the ideal conditions for rapid healing.
  • Medical Repair Emulsion contains a unique and proprietary complex of humectants and emollients, which deliver and hold the optimal levels of hydration.
  • Medical Repair Emulsion is the ideal hydrating vehicle to assist the skin in its natural healing process.


Key Ingredients:

Sodium Hyaluronate:

Direction for Use

Apply to affected area to sooth and moisturize the skin. If using for post dermal treatment, apply immediately post procedure to moisturize the treated area. Repeat as directed.

Recommended for

Our Medical Repair Emulsion is just what your skin needs after laser treatments, laser treatments, chemical peels, or a dermal treatment procedure to provide rapid healing and optimal hydration.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rick Christiansen
Really good lotion

Keeps my skin hydrated

Charlotte Shrader
Love LuxMD

I love the way lixmd makes my skin feel and look.

Scott Jensen
Works for Atopic Eczema

For several years now I have had to use Cortisone creams on my face to control my atopic eczema. My dermatologist recommended that I try LuxMd Medical Repair. Three years later I am still using LuxMd and have been impressed with the results without any of the possible negative side effects from long-term use of cortisone. This is a great product.

Debra Hamilton
Best Night Cream Ever

My skin is very dry, and I have tried many products. This is the best for hydrating my skin overnight. I love it.

Eos Stamp
Great moisturizer!

My clients and I love this non grease, non oily, light weight, and fragrance free cream moisturizer. It’ll leave the skin hydrate and nourished. Great for every day use and specially, after exfoliation.
We highly recommend it.

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